JavaScript Interview Question

Today I will discuss about 10 tricky question of JavaScript. JavaScript has been the most used programming language for so many years now, yet people find it hard to get a grasp on.

Let’s play —

There are some truthy and falsy values in JavaScript.

1. Falsy Values —

In JavaScript six things are falsy and they are-

i) false
ii) null
iii) undefined
v) 0
vi) NaN

2. Truthy values —

There are only two truthy things true and everything that is not false.

Here is chart and programming testing of truthy and falsy values:

What is React JS?

Is react a framework or library? Everyone in this world who are beginner they have such kind of question. Now I will tell you:

1. What is React ?

A JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React is a JavaScript library, not a complete framework. It has developed by facebook in 2011. Currently it has the more popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

2. Benefits of React —

i) Speed / Fast rendering
ii) Flexibility/ Easy to learn
iii) Performance
iv) Usability
v) Mobile app development
vi) Uplifts developers productivity

3. Component —

The heart of all react applications are component. The component is essentially a piece of the user interface. Every…

Hello Dear, Today we will learn about 10 JavaScript hacks for make life easy and comfortable. Our code will be get more optimized and cleaner.

1. Errors Will Happen!

The “try…catch”

If you are a boss at JavaScript or programming but error will find you in a organic way. No matter you are good in programming, sometimes you have the error in your script. Errors can be coding errors made by the programmer, errors due to wrong input, and other unforeseeable things. Now to handle this error you have to use try…catch.

try…catch syntax:

try {
Block of code to try

First of all, We all are afraid about to learn JavaScript. JavaScript is not a very complicated language at its core. It can seem difficult to learn because of all of the noise around it. Be patient and read the article from top to bottom.

JavaScript Fundamental

What is JavaScript?

Basically, JavaScript is one of the popular and widely used languages and for web and applications. JavaScript is very easy to implement because it is integrated with HTML. It’s very lightweight, scripting and interpreted programming language used to create and control dynamic website content.

1. Variable s—

There are 3 variable keyword in JavaScript

a. var
b. let
c. const…

All The JavaScript Man

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